Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was a very busy day once again I swear me and John will be skinny twigs by the time we get half way done with the things we are wanting to do in our yard.  We have so much that needed to be done that we have put off while I was on bedrest we were kind of just on a day to day life mode.  We were so focused on Delanie and getting her here safely we put everything else aside.  Which was good and what we were supposed to do I know.  We have ripped out our above ground pool and hauled some of it off need to finish hauling that off this week.  We dug a hole for Delanie's Texas redbud tree this morning and it was SOLID rock so that was a big deal!  We bought a couple more flowers and planted them and a bird feeder I have really been wanting.  We have been trying to be thrifty shoppers and look for sales and buying some things used as we don't have all the money we want forsure but really who does!  I know things will get better when I get back to work and get some extra money coming in once again.  I feel badly sometimes for John because he has been carring so much weight and burden for so many months.  I know it all wasn't for nothing and like we have said we would do it again even with the same result she was a blessing in our lives and has forever changed us.  Such a big task and accomplishment for such a little girl to do. No matter what happens we will hang on and stay tightly bonded together.  I am really scared tonight and nervous because for so long I didn't open mail and some of it was left in Delanie's room so I was unable to look at it until I finally got the guts to enter her room again.  Well I was supposed to enroll in our employee benefits in April and I didn't know.  I am praying that we will still have insurance and what I had last year will just roll over as I didn't want to change anything anyways but I don't know how that works.  Seems silly to make you do all that paperwork each year.  PRAYING it just rolls over and we don't lose our health insurance because that would pretty much destroy us.  So I am asking please say a prayer that everything works out.  I am calling first thing in the morning to ask about it and make sure that we still have coverage.  Dustin has a appointment tomorrow with the lung doctor which is good because of his recent attack I am thinking he needed to be seen anyways and hopefully his peak levels will be okay.  I let the day get away from me today working and then we also were hauling loads and went and got the flowers then came home planted them did some more work and then we did go to a movie because John hasn't done anything fun for this whole week he was on vacation so we went to see pirates of the carribian 3 and it was good =)  Will take some pictures tomorrow of the progress still LOADS to be done!!! 

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