Monday, May 23, 2011

Nurture Nature...

I don't know what it is with grief but I find with many people with all different types of grief young or old they seem to take to outdoors and get their hands in the dirt somehow.  I know there is a psychological meaning for it I am sure.  When someone has lost a piece of their heart they just want to nurture someone or something.  To make beauty maybe from so much grief and hurt.  From day one being outside at least has helped not only me but John as well.  We have been working our butts off (literally) manicuring and improving our house on the outdoors.  I should have taken pictures of before and afters prior to John's vacation week as you won't be able to tell everything that we have done.  We have ripped out trees and 2 different spots of bushes really made alot of change.  We have planted a few gardens and I will make another tomorrow the one for her tree =)  We are planting a Texas red bud for her and when the time is right (first frost) I will plant her birth month seeds which are daisies and sweet peas and they will bloom around her birthday =)  I like this idea because we won't know what we will get until her birthday so kind of a little birthday gift for us from her.  We have been doing lots of work on our grass to it use to be so plush but we had trouble with it last season and then got pregnant and focused everything on that and not much else.  AND on the insurance matter I am still insured YAY it all did roll over but I may have to pay a smoker fee even though we both don't smoke but because we didn't go in to sign the no smokers contract thing we will have to maybe pay a extra 35 dollars a pay period.  They are still checking though hopefully we don't.  Well better get to the pictures I will try to explain as I post them =)

Some of the flowers

Bird feeder (butterflies of course)

All the new rocking in the front we ripped out everything that was old and all those rocks are new and then hauled in all that dirt to fill them and pack them.

Still have alot more plants to buy we will get there slowly =)

Round the tree

Her Texas redbud tree =)

This is right outside her window we took out a row of red tip bushes that were high infront of it there was rocking underneath you can see on the ground. We plan to fill this in with crushed granite square kind of and make a seating area with latis work on the side with climbing plants of some sort.  That tree sitting next to there we aren't sure were is going its a traveller red bud tree really neat tree when it grows up if you want to google image it

John's silly topsy turvey pepper plant he is inlove with......I am less then thrilled but whatever makes him smile =)

Lord love the Texas hill country this is what a hole looks like for the tree its solid rock I have had to hand dig most of it!  Tomorrow I will rock a garden around it so that we can build it up with dirt and plant the tree.  AND all this rock you see us using is all from our yard mind you!  They come up everywhere LOL

Front of the house with the rocking


Some decor

John bought me this bird bath bowl that I loooooooooove!  I am not sure exactly where it will be for sure but for right now I just put it on a upside down pot so our MANY birds can enjoy it until I figure it out.

Our messy porch sorry!  Been tracking dirt all thru there

Backyard now the metal pieces are all pieces of the pool we ripped down!

Our pool is GONE!  Well on its way to being gone!  We hauled away all the plastic parts of it like the liner now we are doing the metal parts in trips


Big eww mess this will eventually be a step down stone patio with a Royal Impress tree over it and climber plants going up those wood rails but I will paint them first I think because they are a minty green color.  This picture is to show you the progress so that later you can see before and afters LOL


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