Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Shower!

I had my baby shower on Saturday and it was tons of fun!  I really had a good time but stayed relaxed the whole time!  John was really nervous because he was scared I would over do it and end up in the hospital but we made out fine and I am relaxing in bed again of course.  I have to figure out a way to put the pictures up in a album as we have over 200 pictures from the shower and I want to show everyone everything!  So I will have to wait to give ya'll the full view but I will post a couple so you can see something!  We got alot of clothes for her and shoes!  She is very much loved and everyone was so happy =)  Was a great thing still being pregnant and knowing your baby is right inside of you instead of far away alone at the hospital when you are trying to enjoy yourself.  So much better!  The food and cake turned out great and the games were HILARIOUS!  We should have done video but I didn't think about it!  You never do until it's done right?  Made me think about delivery though and I am going to charge that camera's battery and go ahead and pack it tomorrow.  Well here are a few pictures!

Opening gifts

Dustin had to help with everything!

Dustin got big brother gifts too!

Kewl mommy


Lots of cute cloths

Kimmy made a diaper cake!

Real cake yummmmmy!!

30 weeks 4 days pregnant


John and I the love of my life <3

Me and Kimmy



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  1. I'm thinking of you Holly. (Sheri from Timbers)