Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend..

Busy weekend I feel like it just started but here it is done.  John and I sat on the porch for hours tonight after our little man went to bed and we talked and talked about things I love those moments we have together.  I was telling them in a way I know it has only been 2 weeks since we lost Delanie but in a way it seems like it has been months because of everything happening.  This weekend on Saturday John took me and Dustin to the ranch it was nice to be away from civilization it was just us for a few hours looking at nature and helping daddy change the batteries on all the cameras and check the fences and find deer antlers and pretty rocks.  We had a really peaceful fun time.  We only stayed a few hours though we didn't stay the night not ready for that just yet.  When we came back home we decided we needed some us time and Dustin has been begging to go play with his cousins so we dropped him off and went to a movie together it was really nice to play like we weren't a hurting greiving couple for a little while.  Just to get away from reality.  We picked Dustin up and then went home and got ready for Easter bunny action the next morning.  I was so tired I fell asleep without a moments notice and was out until I awoke the next morning to a still dark room and a eager little boy holding his teddy bear asking if it was Easter morning yet.....6:15 am this was...I yawned and let him cuddle in bed with us for a little while but by 7 am he was up and wanted to explore the livingroom where our Easter bunny always leaves the basket.  So we all got up and he got to dig into bunny heaven...He was really happy.  I made breakfast and got the boys ready to start our day off and grandma's and grandpa house and then over to my family's Easter at aunt wendy's house.  It was a good day wasn't to hard but I had to fight the overwhelming urge this weekend to want to do something for Delanie but unknowing on what to do.  Still bugs me.  John did take me to the store and together we picked out a matching photo album with butterflies and a scrapbook with butterflies.  I will try to take pictures of them tomorrow they are perfect =)  Going to post a few pictures I will blog more tomorrow =)   Will try to keep this post upbeat for now we are happy and thankful we made it thru our first holiday without totally losing it and holding it together for Dustin  =)  

Chloe (neice) and Dustin hunting for eggs

Dustin busy chasing down the eggs at my sister's house

Proud of his loot

Dustin this morning at home with his Easter Basket

Delanie's urn next to some pretty flowers my aunt and uncle sent

Dustin and his Grandma Denton

Silly face <3

Dustin and his grandparents (john's parents)
Some of the grand kids


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  1. Holly...I'm so glad you had a good weekend. Miss Delanie is probably so glad her Mommy, Daddy and brother were able to celebrate the resurrection of the one who holds her tight and keeps her safe until you can hold her again...Dustin is such a the pics. Love you guys!!