Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I figured out finally what has been going on with my incision....I had taken half the steri strips off myself and then when I went to the doctor's office on Tuesday she used a adhesive remover to remove the rest of them.  I am guessing I am allergic to the adhesive remover now because where she put it my skin blistered up and all came off and is weeping.  So that's great but hell if I am going in for that it's not infected and I will just keep it as dry as possible and keep a eye on it.  Today was a better energy level day but I am still very tired and exhausted.  I haven't taken a motrin since yesterday and I will take one in a little while mainly to help with the inflammation.  I got up this morning and helped get Dustin and John off and then I got dressed and ready because the fence estimator for home depot was to come out at 9am.  He got here but we will just be doing the fence ourselves or hiring a private company because their labor is more then the materials.  I am also trying to let my cat out more often to get her use to being a outside cat and I am more comfty outside when alone at the house so I sat out there for a long while this morning after the guy left.  Then I really wanted to do something special for Dustin so I went into the kitchen and made him lunch and took it up to his school he was so excited to see me!  But after he hugged me and kissed me all over he asked mom why are you driving?  LOL  He was about to get after me.  I told him I was allowed to and it was only a short distance I picked him up from school yesterday I don't know why he didnt ask then.  He ate lunch and I ate half a sandwich I had packed and half a juice.  I enjoyed just being with him I am so inlove with him.  I love just staring at him and watching him talk and watching his eyes light up when he hits funny spots in the converstation or loving ones.  He is always so loving and hugs all over me and cuddles close.  I thought today I hope that never changes and he tells me all the time it won't.  Then we walked to the playground and he looked up at the clouds and said he saw Delanie's face and that made me smile but sad at the same time.  He grabbed some chalk and drew a symbol he said and then after he was done it was a little girl and he said it was a symbol of his sister.  Then he looked up at the sky and waved and said Hi Delanie with such happiness.  I almost lost it.  I sat there at a table because I was so sore from not taking any meds and with my incision flared up it was painful and watched him play tag with his freinds and go back and forth to the sandbox.  I saw his teacher on the playground she didn't say anything but I didn't want to bother her because she was so busy trying to watch children I didn't want a accident to happen because of me keeping her busy by chatting.  I finally couldn't take the burning much more and started getting sick to my stomach so I hugged Dustin and told him I loved him and to please do good in school today and goodbye for just a little while then I would be back to pick him up.  He wanted to go home with me but I told him his job is school and it wasn't done yet.  I waddled out of there and got in my car and attempted not to throw up in it.  I got home and checked on the new outside cat and she was fine then hit the bed where I now lay.  Stomach still turning so hopefully I won't see the half sandwich back but not counting out on the odds.  Hoping this evening is a good one I am missing John badly. 

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  1. Wow your son is definitely pulling my heartstrings!