Friday, April 22, 2011

I did it

Something I have been wanting to do but been nervous to do it by myself.  Seems so small to others and people reading this might think I am being dramatic but everything in life is a large step in a way.  I took Dustin to the movies by myself I didn't ask anyone to go with me I wanted to just be with him.  We went and I watched him the whole movie his face lighting up and laughing and then he cuddled on me on and off and covered us up both in his blanket.  He is so sweet every time I get up he runs over to help me up I don't ever need it but I act like I do because it makes him smile and feel helpful.  He still offers to bring me drinks when I am sitting or laying down.  He is so sweet.  We saw HOP the movie it was really cute and I thought it was good because it would gear Dustin up for Easter on Sunday seems like almost the whole family forgot about Easter until this week because of everything that has been going on.  Dustin was asking about things that he hoped he would get in his basket and thank god they were all things that I had in there =)  It was all simple stuff.  His poor allergies are really messing with him today as well as mine I knew they all would act up when I saw the MOLD go high this morning.  I hope everyone stays clear of a sinus infection that is the last thing we all need right now.  I need to take some pictures of Dustin I haven't in awhile.  I will take some tonight when we go outside to water the yard those are my favorite times with him I bring out chalk and his bike and jump rope and he plays while I water.  I know I am a over protective mom cause Nope I don't let him out in the front yard without me.  He still rides in a carseat and we still help him shower and we still both kiss him goodnight and tuck him in.  We might be over protective but we enjoy him so much.  We do baby him but how could you not.  At least we take good care of him just may over do it just wish we could have had the chance to over love Delanie too =(


  1. I am so proud of you Holly for doing that today. You are a strong and amazing mom,wife and woman! (((HUGS)))

  2. Have him blow his nose in the shower. Also Simply Saline is good to keep the sinuses cleaned out and will keep you from getting a sinus infection.