Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Delanie's Urn

I took some pictures of her little urn.  I put it in a window for light but that is not where we are keeping it right now.  It's on the fireplace mantel right now until we decide otherwise.  Its a powder pink color you can't see that all the way in the picture.  It is just really pretty and I am happy we did the custom part of it because it's exactly what we wanted as far as that goes.  Of course what we really wanted was our daughter in our hands and not in a little box but we all know how this story ended....Just sad today but I think me not feeling well isn't helping the whole mood and being strong enough today.

Here she is..


  1. You guys did a great job in making that special. Continue to get stronger as the days go by. (((HUGS)))

  2. Beautiful!! thank you for sharing something so personal with us!!! Lots of love and hugs!!!!

  3. What a beautiful box that is for her, I am sure she loves it. Sending you strength to get through your days.

    xoxo Lauren